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Review of novel by Celtic Connection

Review from The Celtic Connection On-line – Books: A fascinating tale of mystery and survival in the great tradition of Irish storytelling. Reviewed by Anne Sanders THE EMERALD DIARIES: SECRETS OF AN IRISH CLAN Set in modern times, yet weaving a story that travels back through many generations, The Emerald Diaries: Secrets of an Irish Clan is... More -->


Mary’s grasp of a child’s sense of imagination and awe is not just highly entertaining, but markedly educational.”                                                           Principal for Mount Begbie Elementary School, Revelstoke, BC, Canada... More -->

Lecture Series 2017

The Alchemy of Words – A Journey into the Psyche of an Irish Writer In Irish culture, storytelling, in all forms, stems from the absolute necessity to communicate. Mary’s lecture will touch on several aspects of the Irish psyche by ‘literally’ sharing her own upbringing, observations, journey and quest to slake a readers thirst for the... More -->