3 Books here. Emerald Diaries, Away with the Fairies Book One and Two

The Children’s Book’s/Audio CD’s (BOOK ONE AND TWO)

   Click HERE for FEATURE ARTICLE httpv://youtu.be/vTug6NG5Bm4 “Thanks for the worthy task of high quality programming for kids and keeping imagination alive. There is so much junk out there that this is very refreshing. As always you have my admiration for the path you are on.”        Julie Mills-Mother of two Children LOVE the... More -->

The Novel

The Emerald Diaries – Secrets of an Irish Clan Audio Clip – A four minute ‘writer style’ Clip from the Emerald Diaries. Foreword and cover painting by Will Millar, (founder of the Irish Rovers) For more than 4 books, please contact Dove Creek Studios for special shipping rate. Original inside illustration – A Gift of Words – by Fiona Van... More -->