Audience Reviews


Audience Reviews

CKUA radio Nov 2012
CKUA radio Nov 2012

This page is dedicated to all my audience members. Here are but a few of the countless ‘audience reviews’ that have been added to my travel journal. Thank you for coming out to my shows, thank for buying my CD’s and novel and thank you for keeping live music thriving. Love Mary

“I was transported back to the beauty of Ireland.”
Kathleen, Winnipeg

“What a night! We did not want the show to end as the magic of it had everyone present enthralled.”
Whitehorse, Yukon

April 2010

“I just want to let you know that I feel quite blessed to have been at your concert in Port Alberni on Saturday night. You were enchanting from start to finish and your individual talents are not only enormous but also enthralling when you put them together. What really made it special as well, and distinguishes you both in my mind, is the way you related and invited the audience into your heritage and your journey.

I was captivated by Paul’s playing….phenominal. Another wonderful experience was the reading from your novel. I read voraciously myself but often find my mind drifting when I listen to others read. Not so when you were reading…. I was riveted to your story and upon reflecting I realize that somehow you managed to engage more than just
the ears….you settled us into a “world” and I felt that I had travelled to Ireland for a few moments in time. Thank you so much again for coming to Port and sharing your music with us.”

Cara – Port Alberni

(EXPLETIVE!), You guys are good! I loved everything you sang and the beautiful mood you created. A world of Celtic song and ballads. You are story weavers and carry a wonderful presence of another place in time, our roots! – Brenda T – Saskatchewan

“We can’t help but move to the beats and smile at the dynamic between you and your husband.It was a privilege to be witness to your music!”
Rita, Manitoba

“Thank you so much for your lovely voice, your carefree nature, fabulous songs and great musicianship.”
Nancy, Winnipeg

” I was transported back to the beauty of Ireland.”
Kathleen, Winnipeg

“Wonderful musicians in their own right. Magical together!”
Ursula, Manitoba

“I loved every note!”

It is amazing how two people can sound like a full band. I loved the diversity of what you bring. Such a mood you created with your stage, and I felt transported from a hectic day to a night of sincerity, beauty and enthusiastic joy. – April P – Alberta

Mary in the studioSo great to have a real Irish singer come to our festival. So many acts claim to be Celtic based, but do not deliver a Celtic show. You voice and presentation are amazing and your guitar player is out of this world. –Spencer T – BC

Amazing presentation, loved the music, but the heartfelt performance really captivated the music. Good on ya! Best Wishes. – Sean W – Saskatchewan

Dawson City awaits your return! Please bring your enormous talents back soon! – Dawson City, Yukon

Enthralled. I am enthralled. We, the audience, were in the palm of your hand from the moment you stepped onto stage. Such passion in both your voice and in the guitar playing. I love the box drum too. And your dance at the end! – Peter L – BC

Your voice and songs make me feel like I’m in Ireland. Your clothes and movements are entrancing as is your stage presence. – Ira T – Alberta

For such a tiny person, you sure have a big effect on your audience. Somehow, you did not seem small on that big stage. – Lillian R – BC

What an honor to have had you in our community. You sound as great, if not better as on your CD! – Elena D – Alberta


Cat on booksThank you so much for blessing us with your music and your presence and your company. Damn it, I’m speechless. – Don B – Saskatchewan

That is the best rendition of the traditional song ‘Siuil a Run’ I have ever heard, bar none! I had chills through many parts of your show. – Peter L – Dublin, Ireland

Great Concert, amazing guitar playing and beautiful singing. Thoroughly enjoyable evening. Thank You. – Paul M – Saskatchewan

Thank you. You have a wonderful stage presence and charisma. –Carmen B – Saskatchewan

Please, please come back to sing for us again. I love the way you mix the traditional, contemporary and original songs into a cohesive and delightful evening. – Sean R – Wicklow, Ireland      250-334-1668