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Mary’s authenticity takes first generation immigrants home again, gifts those with Irish roots a taste of inheritance, and ushers those who wish they were a wee bit Irish, into an ephemeral union.

“This lady has a voice that’s blessed somewhere in the Heavens. She can reach emotional places where others aim for but fail. She is a gem is Mary Murphy. Invest your ears in the wealth of her music-you won’t regret it” – John O’Regan,  Journalist / Broadcaster / Lecturer, RTE 1/BBC, Ireland

Lucy’s Fling CD – Quotes from PENGUIN EGGS  review 2018  (20th Anniversary issue).

“If you fancy a mixture of traditional Irish tunes with newly created lyrics, you might find yourself humming along to Mary Murphy’s most recent album, Lucy’s Fling. The title track, Lucy’s Fling, combines sparkling penny whistle, guitar and Murphy’s vocals. The result is upbeat and fresh.

The slip jig, Fig for a Kiss, is light and flirtatious. Martin Nolan’s Uilliann pipes and Paul Keim’s guitar are a bright contrast to Murphy’s rich vocal. Murphy often doubles her vocal tracks or harmonizes with her own voice to create a luxurious sound.”  Jackie Bell

Just honey

 Come let Mary Murphy’s Irish Isle transport you to a home of traditional, original and contemporary Irish songs. Mary does not merely sing to an audience – she transcends them to a time and place, creating her own musical bridge on which she unequivocally invites all visitors to step across. Her penned lyrics draw the listener into absorbing lore, or conversely, frivolity – seeped in tradition.

Ms. Murphy hails from Wexford, Ireland and resides in western Canada. She sings primarily in the English language, but additionally gifts her audiences with a taste of her native Irish language. Performances see her playing Irish penny whistle and percussion. Her blending of wit and storytelling prove yet another way in which her audiences find themselves feeling personally connected and drawn into her world.

Her tenth CD will be produced/recorded and released in the spring of 2017.

Mary’s producer/guitarist, Paul Keim, brings vibrant rhythmic  elements (guitar and laud – a mandola type instrument) to Mary’s overall sound both live and in the studio and is the owner/operator of Dove Creek Recording Studios in Courtenay, British Columbia.

Mary’s creative fire is not solely billowed by a musical wind, but also lives on the volition of a literary one.  The Emerald Diaries – Secrets of an Irish Clan, is Mary’s first full-length novel and continues to stir the hearts and minds of reviewers, book clubs, bookshops and the general public.

2012 saw book one of Mary’s ‘Away with the Fairies’ Book/CD series. Seven original fairy tales, one audio CD (just over an hour in length) with Mary reading all the stories and singing three songs. There is also a hidden Fairy dressing  doll with extra outfit, fairy puzzle, colouring pages and a  vocabulary challenge for older children. This award winning book also contains delightful  pen and ink illustrations throughout.

Mary released book two in this series in 2015 and will be releasing book three in 2018.