There is So Much to Mary

Whether you are here for song or story, you’ll find solace and serendipity in what Mary Murphy has to offer.

Start your Irish Journey below, and let Mary lead you through the hills and vales of lilting music and enthralling literary fashionings.

Mary makes beautiful music

“She is a gem is Mary Murphy. Invest your ears in the wealth of her music” ~ John O’Regan, Journalist/Broadcaster RTE/BBC, Ireland

Mary as Author, Publisher, Television Creator

Me on Inis Oírr

“…fascinating…the great tradition of Irish storytelling.”  Celtic Connection

Mary’s authenticity takes first generation immigrants home again, gifts those with Irish roots a taste of inheritance, and ushers those who wish they were a wee bit Irish, into an ephemeral union

Mary’s creative fire is not solely billowed by a musical wind, but also lives on the volition of a literary one.

Mary’s full-length novel The Emerald Diaries – Secrets of an Irish Clan,  has received accolades for its originality, depth and relatable characters.

This book has stirred the hearts and minds of reviewers, book clubs, bookshops and the general public.

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In the Children’s arena, Mary has produced a series of original fairy tales with accompanying audio CD’s. Away with the Fairies – books one and two are now available, with books three and four waiting in the wings for release.

Each book contains seven original fairy tales, one audio CD (just over an hour in length) with Mary reading all the stories and singing three songs. The books also contain either a hidden fairy dressing doll with extra outfit, or a fairy bookmark.

Additionally, the books include a fairy puzzle, colouring pages a vocabulary challenge for older children, or recipe page. These book also contain delightful pen and ink illustrations throughout.

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Mary is in the process of creating a children’s educational television program based on her fairy book series with Hungarian immigrant Katalina Kovesces. Live action and animation, with special guests. Main themes are teaching conflict resolution through co-operation, and vocabulary expansion through a good storyline.

“Thanks for the worthy task of high quality programming for kids and keeping imagination alive. There is so much junk out there that this is very refreshing. As always you have my admiration for the path you are on.” Julie Mills –  Mother of two.

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