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Title track to latest CD, Honey from Heather, recorded at Dove Creek Recording by Fine Tippery Productions. 

‘The Road to Lisdoonvarna’, from the CD ‘Honey from Heather’ and a featured video on an Irish Language site , Ireland: Lyrics by Mary Murphy, Melody Trad, arranged by Mary Murphy and Paul Keim.

Waters Of My Heart Written and arranged by Paul Keim © 1998


About Mary’s performances:

“Mary Murphy…blew the roof off in 36 communities around Yukon, Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada…she always delivers a stellar performance with the utmost professionalism, excellence and courtesy.”   Tim Osmond, Artistic Director of Home Routes-Canada

“I have just had the very great pleasure of presenting Mary Murphy. Mary came highly recommended by a number of presenters I know. Don’t hesitate to hire this woman.! The audiences loved them – probably the best performance we’ve had here since Guy Davis. – Queen Charlotte Islands Arts Council 

“On Saturday night, Mary Murphy graced the Alberni Valley, bringing the heart and soul of Ireland with her, and left an incredible and lasting impression. Mary and Paul (her guitarist, partner and producer) played two sets, each compiled of 10 songs. Mary had a fabulous way of conveying her passion through song and story. Her voice sounded as though she was unleashing audible sunshine along with a soothing vibrato. ~ Carolee Nicely,  PA Times 

“This little Irish singer/songwriter is the real deal. I have had her here to perform a few times to sold out shows. Do yourself a flavour and go to her web site. You will see how easy it is to fall in love with this gem.” ~Long John, Duncan Showroom 

“Between that voice and that hair, Mary is the absolute Colleen!” ~ House of Stories, Wexford, Ireland 

About Mary’s CD’s: 

“This lady has a voice that’s blessed somewhere in the Heavens.  She can reach emotional places where others aim for but fail. She also invests with a subtlety and power. She is a gem is Mary Murphy. Invest your ears in the wealth of her music – you wont regret it.” ~ John O’Regan, Journalist/Broadcaster RTE/BBC, Ireland 

“…a traditional Irish record with a contemporary feel. As a vocalist, she has a pleasing, lilting, rhythmic style which fits well with producer/guitarist Paul Keim’s playing… to her credit, Mary Murphy is not only an Irish singer, who plays whistles and percussion, but also a writer with a novel and a children’s book.”  ~ Penguin Eggs Magazine, Canada 2013

“Listening to Mary Murphy is like riding a ship through a sea of poetry and grace.”~ Don Darue, NPR, US   “Mary’s new CD, Honey from Heather, is perfectly named as her voice is smooth like honey, and I just realized that if I thought of her as a colour, it would be the colour of honey, golden and cheerful.” ~ Artistic Director, Filberg Festival, BC, Canada 

“Mary’s voice and Paul’s guitar flow past you like the river, deep and moving. The memory of their performance stays with you long after they have gone, sustaining you in more difficult times.” ~ Sointula Concert Series




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