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Newest Album – Lucy’s Fling

These new songs have a unique design. Samples and lyrics below.

Lucy’s Fling CD – Quotes from PENGUIN EGGS  review 2018  (20th Anniversary issue).

“If you fancy a mixture of traditional Irish tunes with newly created lyrics, you might find yourself humming along to Mary Murphy’s most recent album, Lucy’s Fling. The title track, Lucy’s Fling, combines sparkling penny whistle, guitar and Murphy’s vocals. The result is upbeat and fresh.

The slip jig, Fig for a Kiss, is light and flirtatious. Martin Nolan’s Uilliann pipes and Paul Keim’s guitar are a bright contrast to Murphy’s rich vocal. Murphy often doubles her vocal tracks or harmonizes with her own voice to create a luxurious sound

Murphy has combined traditional melodies with more contemporary storytelling to showcase a recurring character, Lucy, and the object of Lucy’s affection, Liam.”   Jackie Bell

Mary’s new CD, Lucy’s Fling, is sure to please. Twelve tracks – loaded with harmonies, guitars, whistles, cello and Uilleann (Irish) pipes.

Mary has taken many traditional melodies and written lyrics with a two returning characters. There are also a few traditional songs as well as a song in the Scottish language (for all you out there who are Scottish or have those lovely roots).

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Also available for purchase and download on Amazon Music, iTunes, and Google Play, as well as streaming from Spotify, Deezer, and Tidal!

There is a returning character (lucy)  in many of these pieces. Mary has taken traditional fiddle tunes and written lyrics to create a diary of sorts as seen through the eyes of her love, Liam. Lucy’s and Liam’s love story is the returning thread that weaves its way along the musical path.

Speaking of paths, the very talented Mark Kelly, of the highly acclaimed Irish band, Altan, gave Mary enthusiastic permission to use one of his original melodies (On the Snowy Path) to write lyrics to. Though neither Lucy or Liam are mentioned by name in this track , the lyrics were written with them in mind.

This CD is sung mostly in English, but there are Irish language highlights (as usual) plus  one traditional song in the Scottish language that Mary has wanted to record for countless years.

Another ‘out of the box’ highlight is the song, ‘Smash the Windows’. A trad fiddle tune melody that Mary wanted to write lyrics for. As one friend said, ‘Who on earth would think of writing  lyrics about smashing windows!  Mary Murphy, that’s who.”

This CD  is filled with melodic nuances, yet feels intimate, as though Mary is sitting next to you , singing in your ear. Producer/recording/mixing engineer, Paul Keim, of Dove Creek Recording Studios has created a magical experience for the listener and one that will keep you returning to this, Mary’s 13th release.

Take a listen!

The Hills of Connemara


Lucy’s Fling


The Snowy Path


Download the album lyrics HERE



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