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Members of the Irish Clan


Norah, our main protagonist is searching for answers. What is the mystery shrouding her family heritage? Can love truly have found her at long last, when she least expected it? Is there a way to repair the somewhat tumultuous relationship with her mother? Norah is determined to search and find answers to all these questions in these 347 pages.


This man explores life and career light-heartedly and is the anchor to his newfound love, Norah. The two balance each other in unconventional ways, which suits them both and keeps both these independent-minded characters thriving as a couple. Among other aspects of life, Dónal has a strong desire to keep honey bees.

Úla - mother of Norah

She is Norah’s (our main protagonist) mother. Úla is a cerebral woman. Smart as a whip, who enjoys the mental aspects of life rather than the emotional ones. From a young child, she has been an instinctive observationalist focusing on absolutes rather than other world possibilities. The relationship between mother and daughter can be strained due to divergent thinking.

Bríghid - grandmother of Norah

Bríghid is Norah’s grandmother (Úla’s mother). Despite her intense beginnings, Bríghid is a positive spirit, and her love for her granddaughter knows no bounds. She is independent, determined and intensely connected to the land on which she was raised. The secret she holds will change the course of her granddaughter’s life if she, Norah, can find and claim it.

Grace & Liam and Genevieve Furlong

Genevieve’s mother, Grace, is a clear-headed and insightful woman. Unlike her husband, Liam and daughter, she does not jump head-first into things. She is pragmatic, even-tempered and reflective. These traits are a lovely and important balance in this endearing family.

Genevieve’s father, Liam, is a tender soul. This attribute serves him well as a carer/trainer of horses, who relax under his gentle vocal timbre and genial demeanour. He will, however when pushed, fight for the honour of his adored wife, Grace and daughter, Genevieve. This, unfortunately comes to pass, leading to dire consequences.

Genevieve. We get to follow this character from birth to old age. She is like her father, Liam, full of wonder and humour. Father and daughter are disposed to allowing their emotions to lead them through life. While this can be a beautiful trait, these leanings can cause one to be easily manipulated and swindled, as is the case with Genevieve.


Jonathan Jun

This golden-haired, blue-eyed antagonist could have grown to be a solid community member, but instead, grew to be a confidence trickster and manipulator - preying on the gullible and naïve Genevieve, pushing her family into a dire and irreversible set of circumstances.

Yao Jun

Small but mighty, this character, along with her golden-haired son Jonathan, set out to claim the family heirloom through whatever means possible. It should be noted that Yao is a gifted and accurate fortune teller and tea-leaf reader.

Mr. Frank Nicholas

Frank Nicholas is a wealthy yet progressive and unostentatious horse rancher whose invitation to America changes the trajectory of our heroine’s foremothers. What might have happened if Genevieve never left Ireland? It’s a sliding doors moment that I like to ponder. Perhaps there’s another story there somewhere!





This is Norah’s great-great-great grandmother. She is the mother of Grace, as in Grace and Liam. She, Orlaith, comes to meet her future husband during a wicked storm. Their meeting enables her new husband's family line to resolve a missing thread.


Meeting the love of his life, Oralith, changes the trajectory of his wandering lifestyle. There is quite a twist at this point in the book when a startling and unexpected truth is revealed for all involved.

The Mobhrí

Don't want to give spoiler alerts, but suffice it to say this is the thread that ties all characters and time frames together.

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