Mary’s grasp of a child’s sense of imagination and awe is not just highly entertaining, but markedly educational.”                                                           Principal for Mount Begbie Elementary School, Revelstoke, BC, Canada

 Mary Murphy began writing curriculum for children back in the early 1990’s.  Her purposeful direction and philosophy is, “Education through the power of imagination.”

In early 2014, Mary was researching the creation of an interactive television series for children using her original stories and music. She was introduced to Katalina Kovecses, who was researching the same for her own projects. The two have teamed up to become co-creators for the Take Me Away children’s TV series. The team is further enhanced by animators Taylor Fox & Fecundo Gastiazoro, and book illustrator (and eventual site designer) Fiona Van Housen.

Ms. Murphy embraces her role as mentor and has, over many years, developed a formula for interactive learning that is both fun and educational. She believes that expanding imagination improves self-confidence and the understanding of other cultures.

In addition, Mary’s fairy stories were aired on Irish radio and on an Irish podcast this year. Mary has already begun a second series of books entitled, ‘The Many Adventures of Nash the Dash’, staring a male character from the Away with the Fairies series.