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Create Your Own Story

Where seeds of magic are planted with surprises ever blooming

I will have regular story lines for you to play with. You and or your friends can print them out (each person filling in their own blanks) and then read them to each other. It is great fun to hear and read what other people create while learning how to think like a writer. You can even play with the emotions of the story by the words you pick. Perhaps a silly story is what you prefer, or, perhaps a serious one.

You can add to the story to make it as long as you like.

Click here for pdf of this page to print at home.


“I love animals”, said ________. “My favorite animal though would have to be the ___________.

There are so many reasons why I love this animal the best but my top two reasons are, first _______________________________________________________,

and second, ____________________________________________________.

If I had my favorite animal, I would bring it with me to _____________________.

People would stop to look at us and laugh because I would dress my animal up in ___________________________________.

I would name it _____________________________________.”


I was walking along our main street last Sunday. I looked in the shop window and I saw the most amazing mannequin. It was wearing a _______________ suit, with ____________ shoes. I thought I heard it talking to me! I went in to investigate and as I opened the door, I heard a voice say, “___________________________.”

The mannequin turned its head toward me and I _________________________.

From the mannequin’s hand fell a _____________________________________.

Did I pick it up you ask? Well _______________________________________.

The wind gusted and blew the store door wide open and in walked _______________________________________________________________



The clock struck ____________ as I entered the dining room. There were many bowls and dishes of food on the table that looked and smelled _______________. _______________ had made her usual dish of _________________, and _______________ had made ___________________.

How was I to know I should not eat any of it?

I took an empty plate, helped myself to ______________________ and sat on the chair.

I had barely had two bites when _____________________ walked in and said “____________________________________________.”

I replied, “_______________________________________________________,” and decided I would _______________________________________________.