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Top Ten Winners!

These are the top ten winners for Fairy Mary’s Summer Writing Adventure Series.

I am listing these in no particular order. Thank you to all the children (and parents/grandparents/nannies etc) who came to the Summer Series. Literacy involves reading AND writing, which is what I am striving to encourage in our youngsters through my own writing and programming.


9 yrs old

While walking through the forest you may see a fairy house. If you want to go inside, put a tiny gift—a berry, maybe—at the door then knock, not rudely but softly. Fairies are small and loud knocking might hurt their ears. If you don’t see or hear anything, maybe they don’t want visitors. But if they do let you in, be polite. Please don’t mess up their mossy rugs and mushroom chairs. If it’s cold the fairy might offer you soup in an acorn-top bowl. Or maybe sitting by the stone-carved fire place would be nice.


6 yrs old

They make me happy. I like fairies because they have wings and they can fly. And I like fairies because they have magic and they are so light. Raspberry is my fairy friend. She brings us gifts and makes us happy. I even have a tooth fairy named Fiona. I hope that she will leave a little something as a reward for my tooth. I have never seen a fairy before but I know that they are very delicate creatures. And did you know that their wings are made of lace and just delicate beautiful things.


8 yrs old

I made a wish on my tooth when I was little that I would get a kitten and I left a note to my tooth fairy. I did get a kitten not long after that. I think they will listen to you if you ask for something that is nice and not mean. I also asked for a dog on another tooth but have not gotten one of those. Maybe when my wisdom teeth come in i will get a dog since that is a bigger wish and bigger teeth.


6 yrs old

I love fairies because they are very small, pretty, and really smart. They live in the forest under the ferns, eat berries for breakfast, and drink raindrops and dew from leaves. They can go places we can’t and I would like to be Fairy Rose and follow them on their adventures. Fairies are friends to all forest creatures, and I think the vole would be a nice friend. Voles are tiny, cute, and shy. Fairies have delicate wings to fly anywhere. They are gentle, kind, caring. The most things I have wanted in my whole life are wings like fairies.

9 yrs old

It Was Actually a Dream

During the night, the house started shaking in an earthquake.

My bearded dragon got bounced out of his tank onto…

a paper airplane which started wobbling and tipping and…

fell off the side of the tank…


zoomed away into the forest behind my house.

The flying dragon saw a bright blue Fairy, as big as my finger, with very tiny wings.

He changed direction and followed the fairy…


my room, where I was sleeping.

The fairy gently tapped the airplane.

My dragon and the airplane dropped back into the tank.

I woke up.


6 yrs old

To build a house for fairies,find some wooden sticks and place them in a house shape. Leave an open space for a doorway. And then you would lay down some moss for a carpet. Now get an old curled leaf for the fairies’ bathtub. Get two fresh leaves and put them one on top of the other to make a bed. Get a little grass and fold it up into a pillow. Get some really pretty stones and lead a little pathway to where you think fairies would come from. Soon the fairies will come to live in your garden.

8 yrs old

One beautiful summer morning all the fairies were busy as bumble bees. Painting butterfly wings, helping baby birds fly, helping bees collect nectar, and blooming flowers. Then, the Harrisons family dog, Digger came running over and started to sniff the flowers. Queen Violet, the queen of the fairy garden, yelled ”Every fairy, into your homes!” Every fairy flew into their homes and locked the doors. Then Mrs. Harrison yelled “digger!” Digger ran back and Mrs. Harrison put on his leash. In the afternoon, all the fairies had their break from work. It was the best day of summer ever!


4 yrs old

I saw a fairy. It live in a flower in town. She likes stinky cheese. A squeak, squeak mouse eat the cheese. The fairy not a angry, the fairy shared the stinky cheese. The mouse could talk, he said “thank you fairy”. Fairy and mouse are happy!! They are friends now.

8 yrs old

I saw a fairy once. She was sitting on top of the neighbors horse as it galloped in a ring. i called to her but she did not seem to hear me. I wonder if Fiaries speak a different language than us. If they do, I want to learn it one day. Speaking fairy would be fun but might be pretty hard. I wonder if the horse could understand? I dont speak horse either.

7 yrs old

I love creatures of all kinds. I even have many creatures like a dog, cat, rat, bird and fish. I looked at the videos on this site and now i want to write stories about my creatures. I think you should have a class on how to write a story so my creatures can tell their stories. I used to have a turtle but he got out and ran away. That could be a good story i think.