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You Too Can Be A Fairy!

Where seeds of magic are planted with surprises ever blooming

Looking for a fabulous, creative and extremely unique gift idea?

Illustrator, Fiona Murphy creates Fairies for children AND adults alike, based on a photograph. All the illustrations in my “Away With The Fairies”book have been based on old family slides of my family as children and young adults. Children and adults alike would be tickled to receive this lighthearted and meaningful gift.

Here is an example of the author, Mary Murphy (the youngest) and her sister Una (Oona in the book) when they were just little drops of water. These are the pics Fiona used to create ‘Oona and Fairy Mary’.

Here is an example of the old family picture Fiona used of my sister Pauline (Paulette in the book) and how she created a Fairy from that photograph.