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Lucy’s Fling CD – Quotes from PENGUIN EGGS  review 2018  (20th Anniversary issue).

“If you fancy a mixture of traditional Irish tunes with newly created lyrics, you might find yourself humming along to Mary Murphy’s most recent album, Lucy’s Fling. The title track, Lucy’s Fling, combines sparkling penny whistle, guitar and Murphy’s vocals. The result is upbeat and fresh.

The slip jig, Fig for a Kiss, is light and flirtatious. Martin Nolan’s Uilliann pipes and Paul Keim’s guitar are a bright contrast to Murphy’s rich vocal. Murphy often doubles her vocal tracks or harmonizes with her own voice to create a luxurious sound.”  Jackie Bell

“…Honey from Heather…a traditional Irish record with a contemporary feel. As a vocalist, she has a pleasing, lilting, rhythmic style which fits well with producer/guitarist Paul Keim’s playing… to her credit, Mary Murphy is not only an Irish singer, who plays whistles and percussion, but also a writer with a novel and a children’s book.”               Penguin Eggs Magazine, Canada

“This lady has a voice that’s blessed somewhere in the Heavens.  She can reach emotional places where others aim for but fail. She also invests with a subtlety and power. She is a gem is Mary Murphy. Invest your ears in the wealth of her music – you wont regret it.”                                                  John O’Regan, Journalist/Broadcaster RTE/BBC, Ireland

“Mary’s new CD, ‘Honey from Heather’, is perfectly named as her voice is smooth like honey, and I just realized that if I thought of her as a colour, it would be the colour of honey, golden and cheerful.”       Artistic Director, Filberg Festival, BC, Canada

Review from “Times” in Port Alberni

Performer shares taste of Ireland

Carolee Nicely 

“On Saturday night, Mary Murphy graced the Alberni Valley, bringing the heart and soul of Ireland with her, and left an incredible and lasting impression. Mary and Paul (her guitarist, partner and producer) played two sets, at Sound Advice, each compiled of 10 songs. Mary had a fabulous way of conveying her passion through song and story. Her voice sounded as though she was unleashing audible sunshine along with a soothing vibrato.

Throughout the night, both Mary and Paul shared humorous anecdotes of time spent in Ireland and jokes which captured the audience’s attention and in turn made the atmosphere even more cosy.
Both musicians were extremely talented. Mary played a bodhran (traditional Irish drum) and a cajon (a box drum that you sit on). Paul played an acoustic guitar and a mandolin. It was amazing how the two managed to sound like a full band.
Mary also read an excerpt from her book, entitled The Emerald Diaries: Secrets of and Irish Clan, her voice full of emotion. After the last song, Mary returned to the thunderous applause for an encore..”

Review from Watson Lake, Yukon:

Beautiful music intertwined with interesting background stories from a culture I’m unfamiliar with, jokes, a bit of dancing, and a lovely reading from Mary’s novel. Mary is a true storyteller in music, the printed word, and regular chitchat with audiences. The show is enriched by her husband, Paul, with his acoustic instrumental sounds, songwriting talents, and conversing with Mary and the audience.
– Watson Lake, Yukon

More Reviews:

“To be with Mary in performance is something very special. Her Irish warmth and charm surround you in every note, drawing you into her world.”- An Bord Trachtala (Irish Trade Board ), Ireland

“Excellence is a natural state of being for Mary Murphy in both her performances and her recordings. Her new release, ‘Three Hand Reel’, had me hooked from the opening line, and no pun intended, reeled me into its luxuriant essence. Mary’s lush voice is extremely emotive and demonstrates, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she lives within the songs. I cannot wait to see her performing this new material.” – NPR Bremen, Germany

“Three Hand Reel is infectious with the joy of making music. There is an edge to Mary’s vocal styling that conveys the emotional content of the songs…….. This release is a pure delight that in the words of the title cut “you’ll not want tot let the music end” and you’ll be pressing the repeat button to have it “go around again.” – Gordon Peeling, Music From the Glen CKCU Radio Ottawa, Ontario

“Mary’s voice is the personification, of the heart and soul of Ireland.” –Will Millar, Irish Rovers

“Mary’s voice and Paul’s guitar flow past you like the river, deep and moving. The memory of their performance stays with you long after they have gone, sustaining you in more difficult times.” – Sointula House Concert Series, BC

“Between that voice and that hair, Mary is the absolute Colleen!” –House Of Stories Series, Wexford, Ireland

Mary Murphy“I have just had the very great pleasure of presenting Mary Murphy. Mary came highly recommended by a number of presenters I know. I have read many biographies on many web sites and in many packages and tend to read them with a grain of salt. I have to say that everything in Mary Murphy’s bio is true! Don’t hesitate to hire this woman. What to say about the performance. Wow!!!! It was a delightful mix of traditional Celtic music, originals in the same vein and instrumentals. She even did an irish dance! Mary and Paul (Mary’s guitartist/producer) were terrific on stage – the audiences loved them – probably the best performance we’ve had here since Guy Davis. The feedback has been great. When I first heard Mary’s CD, I loved it but it couldn’t adequately portray the delighful energy and presence of the live performance and the easy and fun patter. I am now on the list of presenters who highly recommend them.” – Queen Charlottes/Haida Gwaii Islands Arts Council

“…sweet voiced singer Mary Murphy…emotive… stunning harmonies……original… always lovely.” – Dirty linen Magazine, US

Rainbow“Blessed with a honeyed crystalline voice, Mary fuses traditional, original and contemporary Irish folk with occasional rootsy North Americana to create a synthesis that uplifts both genres.” – Performing Songwriter Magazine, US

“Sit back, close your eyes and let Mary Murphy’s ‘A Painted Moon’ take you away. This CD deserves your full attention with its fresh arrangements, romantic nuances, and captivating vibe. Mary’s lustrous voice held me captive throughout this entire CD and proves that the magic of Irish female vocalists is alive and well.” – Radio Jam NPR, Germany

“Listening to Mary Murphy is like riding a ship
through a sea of poetry and grace.” – Don Darue NPR, US

“A Painted Moon is a well arranged and strongly performed recording……also some lovely harmonies sung by Murphy.” – Penguin Eggs Magazine, Canada

“Mary brings us to neutral ground with incredible spine tingling ease. Wonderful songwriting, autobiographical insights, and a voice that will make you shiver.” – Apero Magazine, Holland

“As a Singer/Songwriter Mary Murphy stands as a major international talent. As an interpreter of Folk music, Mary Murphy stands alone-such is her sensitivity to her source material.” – John O’Regan, Freelance Journalist / Broadcaster / Lecturer, Ireland

“This little Irish singer/songwriter is the real deal. Do yourself a flavour and go to her web site. You will see how easy it is to fall in love with this gem.” – Longevity John, Duncan Showroom