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Mary as Musician

“As a vocalist, she has a pleasing, lilting, rhythmic style…upbeat and fresh…luxurious sound…” are just a few thoughts from Penguin Eggs Music Magazine, with regard to Mary’s newest release, “Lucy’s Fling’and the previous ‘Honey from Heather.’

Mary has an impressive eleven musical releases under her belt with another in the early stages of development. Most are deeply steeped in her Irish roots with some songs in the Irish language.

She was born in Wexford, Ireland and is residing on Vancouver Island, Canada. Her penned lyrics reflect her ancestry,  with traditional lyric tendencies or conversely contemporary images all in the hopes of inviting the listener to enjoy her musical cornucopia.

Mary is also a novelist, children’s book writer and distinctive lecturer on writing and the Irish psyche.

And as if that wasn’t enough, she is the sole owner of Oola Body Care , making artisan soaps, lotions and more.

Perusing this multi-layered site will either inspire you to follow all your aspirations, or inspire you to go have a nap! Cross this artist’s bridge to see for yourself what this small of stature – but big in self-determination – woman is made of.

Latest Release - Lucy's Fling

Honey From Heather - 2012

Title track to latest CD, Honey from Heather, recorded at Dove Creek Recording by Fine Tippery Productions. 

‘MacPherson’s’ from the CD ‘Honey from Heather’ used as a backdrop for the paintings of Will Millar. (Irish Rovers Founder)

‘The Road to Lisdoonvarna’, from the CD ‘Honey from Heather’ and a featured video on an Irish Language site , Ireland: Lyrics by Mary Murphy, Melody Trad, arranged by Mary Murphy and Paul Keim.

Hilarious impromptu guest appearance by Will Millar (Irish Rovers Founder) at a show….typical Irish frivolity to the end.