Mary as Musician


New Album! Lucy’s Fling – Releasing November 4, 2017

These new songs have a unique design. Samples and lyrics below. Mary’s new CD, Lucy’s Fling, is sure to please. Twelve tracks – loaded with harmonies, guitars, whistles, cello and Uilleann (Irish) pipes. Mary has taken many traditional melodies and written lyrics with a two returning characters. There are also a few traditional songs as... More -->

Honey from Heather – lyrics & samples

Lyrics are helpful when you want to sing along… or understand the story of the song more clearly. Download the lyrics for the full Honey From Heather album here:


All CD’s may be purchased through the paypal ‘add to cart’ and ‘buy now’ buttons OR through the ‘Direct Order Form‘, which you send to me directly via the post. All CD’s are shipped immediately upon receipt of payment. NEW RELEASE!  Lucy’s Fling These new songs have a unique design. Mary’s new CD, Lucy’s Fling... More -->